Monday, November 5, 2018

How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time

If you have a website or Blog and you want to get Adsense to approve in your website or blog in a short time. So you are in right place. Today here I try to talk about How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or blog in Short Time. Adsense has some rules to approve your website. If you want to Adsense approve in your site you need to maintain thus rules to get approve Adsense in your website or blog in a short time.

🔀Maintain Some Things For Write Article:
         1. Don’t copy another person article.
         2. Don’t use your main keyword so much in your article.
         3. Try to write SEO base article.
         4. Try to write article minimum 300 to 350 words (If you write 
                more then 500 words for your article this is better for your
                website or blog for rank in Google )
         5. Choose a unique topic for write article in your Website or 
                blog, that is very helpful to Get Adsense Approve in 
                Website in  Short Time.
         6. Select unique picture for your blog post.
         7. Don’t miss to submit your article in Google or Bing 
                search Engine.
If you can maintain this. That can help to get approve Adsense in your website.

🔀Don’t Post This Type Content:
Some content is the band for Adsense approve. Don’t write any post base on this band content, if want gets Adsense approve in your website. So be careful to post those type of content in your blog or website:
              1. Pornography or Adult Content
              2. Copyright Content
              3. Hacking Content
              4. Gambling Content
              5. Promote Illegal Content
              6. Malware or adware
Adsense reject most of the website for some reason. If we can solve this mistake we can get Adsense approve in our website.
  ➤Insufficient Content: the Maximum time we start write blogging or website and after writing 8/10 article then we submit our blog or website for Adsense approve. That’s not a right way to submit website or blog for Adsense approve. Because of this 8/10 article not sufficient to submit Adsense approve. You need to write a minimum  20/25 article and also need some real visitor in your article. Then you can submit your site to get Adsense approval.
   ➤Page Create: You need to create a minimum 5 page for your blog
                                              • Home
                                              • About Us
                                              • Contact Us
                                              • Privacy Policy
                                              • Trams and Conditions
You must create that 5 page before submitting your website or blog. If you submit your site without that 5 page in your blog google Adsense don’t approve for show ads in your blog or website.
  ➤Use Top Level Domain:  You need the top-level domain for the non-hosted account. That can help you to get Adsense Approve in Website in Short Time and you get good revenue from her. If you start free with blogger you can earn with hosted Adsense account but this hosted account revenue is small.
   ➤Remove Other Ads Network: Before submitting your site for approval you need to remove other ads network website form your site if you add with your site. Otherwise, Google Adsense don’t approve your website or blog.
   ➤Check Traffic Source: Google doesn’t like any spamming. Don’t try to drive fake traffic on your site. Try to drive real traffic in your site. 
  ➤Improve Blog Design: If your site design is not good don’t approve your site. So you need to choose a well-designed template for your blog or website.

You can use another site if Google Adsense reject your site. I give here some site, you can use this in your site to earn money from your blog or website:
          ➤Media.Net: This site is like as Google Adsense. You can earn good money from this
           ➤Pop Ads: You can use this site to earn. So many sites owner uses this site ads to earn money from the blog. You can use this if you want.

🔀Conclusion: Here I want to try some things for How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time. I think that’s enough to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time. If you think I miss anything please comment here for help another person.

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