Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Must Know About How To Start Blog Writing And How To Earn Money Form Blog

If you want to earn money from a blog you need must know that for start blog writing. Many peoples come and they start writing article or copy from other person articles for a post in his blog to start blog writing. That is not the right way to Start Blog Writing And Earn money Form Blog article. If you want to learn a perfect method for start blog writing and earn money from the blog you come in right place.
Here is the method that you must know for Start blog Writing And Earn money Form Blog :

1. Perfect Name For Blog: First you need to select the perfect name of your blog or website because a perfect name can be rank your blog, So you need to choose a good name of your blog for start blog writing.

2. Domain and Hosting: Second thing if you want professionally start blog writing and want to earn money from the blog, you must need domain and hosting. When you are new, I think that is not the right choice to buy domain hosting, blogger or WordPress is best for you to start the blog writing in the first time. Then when you learn properly about blog then you can start your blog writing with domain and hosting. 

3. Customize Themes: You need to learn how to customize blog themes because to make good looking themes is very helpfully for ordains attraction. 

4. Write Perfect Article for Blog: If you don't know how to write a perfect article for the blog, You can't rank your article on google or another place. I perfect article very helpful for rank your blog.

5. keyword Research, Backlinks, Social media marketing, SEO: keyword research, backlinks, social media marketing must know for getting more visitor in your site or blog so you need to learn about that.

6. Submit in google/bing/ yahoo: After completing all process then you need to submit your article or blog post in google/bing/yahoo. That can help to rank your blog site on the fast page.

7. Blog add with Adsense: Lastly, you need to add your blog with Adsense to earn money. Before adding Adsense with your blog you need must have 5 page like Home, About, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy. That helps to verify your blog or website.

If you maintain this process you can earn money from the blog or you can start blog writing right now.

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