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How to Promote Blog or Article In Short Time Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs or Article

I think Everyone has a blog who see this article. Maybe you do not promote your blog or Article. In this article, I share my some idea that I use to promote blog or Article in short time. I think this is the most effective way to promote blog or article
Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs or Article
Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs or Article 
1.  Focusing on keywords: Have a variety of strategies to drive traffic to a blog or website. What I like to focus on are the keywords. By doing so, you can attract that type of stick around, the right kind of traffic. Even better, the kind of money it is for customers to pay. Search engines are not the only source of targeted viewers, but targeting your long-term keywords effectively can greatly increase your monthly search audience. I've long made 173,336 qualified visitors - keyword phrases compared to last year - 91% increase. Your long-ranked keywords cannot rank in Google's top 10 results and it is true that 60% of organic clicks go to the top 3 search results.
How to Promote Blog In Short Time Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs
Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs
2.  Social Media Marketing: Your target market, your audience, your chances, where are they usually? Right, They are probably social media. Almost everyone has social media accounts today. And a great venue for promoting your website on social media platforms. Join social media and build your profile. Because social media can drive so much traffic in your blog or article.  If you can engage so much traffic in your profile, base on your content, you can get huge traffic from here. Here I give some social media link you can join here. Hopefully, you can get so much traffic from here. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Soumya Sarkar 6 Sixes in 6 Balls in Android Gameplay | Soumya Sarkar Best Batting

Hi Guys I am Murad. I play a android cricket game in my phone here I select Bangladesh Team for me and oposite West indies tesm. Here I play a 10 over match. In this match soumya sarkar get 36 runs in 6 balls. Now I publish this video here soumya sarkar get 6 sixes in 6 balls. I think this is Soumya Sarkar best batting in android gameplay. I hope you can enjoy This Soumya Sarkar batting In this video.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Real Cricket Gameplay Record Six Sixes in One Over

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Truck Simulator 2018 Android High Speed Truck Driving Simulator

Truck Simulator 2018 Android High Speed Truck Driving Simulator

Truck Simulator 2018 Android is the High Speed Truck Driving Simulator for android device. You can download this game from playstore. I think this Truck Simulator 2018 Android game is the best android game. You can play this game and enjoy driving.

- Start your Truck by using the Start / Stop button.
- Then select your product that you want to deliver
- On the right side of your screen, if press here your truck speed up.
- Control your Truck by using the break and acceleration buttons.

- You may choose how to control your Truck on the Settings menu.
- During the night missions, you can turn the headlights on by using Headlights button.
- When your Truck ran out of gas, you can buy gas from the Garage by touching the gas button.
- If you follow traffic rules during the game, you will earn more money.
- The faster you complete the mission, more money you will earn.

Best Truck Simulator Games For Android & IOS 2019-2018.
Here is the list of the best truck simulator for android ios 2018-2019.

Simulator Games List :

1)Truck Simulator:  Europe 2

2)Truck Simulator USA

3)Euro Truck Driver Simulator
Android :
iOS :

4)Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

5)Heavy Truck Simulator

bus simulator android 2018
euro truck simulator 2 android
High Speed Truck Driving Simulator

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Drive With Mobile Game Play | ETS - 2 Android GamePlay

In this video, I will show you my Euro Truck Simulator 2 drive with mobile device. Now this game is available in playstore you can easily download this euro truck simulator 2  mobile apk game from play store. so download this Euro Truck Simulator 2 android game and enjoy your drive on your favorite device. I think this Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android best truck driving game. So  Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 drive with mobile and enjoy driving.

Monday, November 5, 2018

How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time

If you have a website or Blog and you want to get Adsense to approve in your website or blog in a short time. So you are in right place. Today here I try to talk about How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or blog in Short Time. Adsense has some rules to approve your website. If you want to Adsense approve in your site you need to maintain thus rules to get approve Adsense in your website or blog in a short time.

🔀Maintain Some Things For Write Article:
         1. Don’t copy another person article.
         2. Don’t use your main keyword so much in your article.
         3. Try to write SEO base article.
         4. Try to write article minimum 300 to 350 words (If you write 
                more then 500 words for your article this is better for your
                website or blog for rank in Google )
         5. Choose a unique topic for write article in your Website or 
                blog, that is very helpful to Get Adsense Approve in 
                Website in  Short Time.
         6. Select unique picture for your blog post.
         7. Don’t miss to submit your article in Google or Bing 
                search Engine.
If you can maintain this. That can help to get approve Adsense in your website.

🔀Don’t Post This Type Content:
Some content is the band for Adsense approve. Don’t write any post base on this band content, if want gets Adsense approve in your website. So be careful to post those type of content in your blog or website:
              1. Pornography or Adult Content
              2. Copyright Content
              3. Hacking Content
              4. Gambling Content
              5. Promote Illegal Content
              6. Malware or adware
Adsense reject most of the website for some reason. If we can solve this mistake we can get Adsense approve in our website.
  ➤Insufficient Content: the Maximum time we start write blogging or website and after writing 8/10 article then we submit our blog or website for Adsense approve. That’s not a right way to submit website or blog for Adsense approve. Because of this 8/10 article not sufficient to submit Adsense approve. You need to write a minimum  20/25 article and also need some real visitor in your article. Then you can submit your site to get Adsense approval.
   ➤Page Create: You need to create a minimum 5 page for your blog
                                              • Home
                                              • About Us
                                              • Contact Us
                                              • Privacy Policy
                                              • Trams and Conditions
You must create that 5 page before submitting your website or blog. If you submit your site without that 5 page in your blog google Adsense don’t approve for show ads in your blog or website.
  ➤Use Top Level Domain:  You need the top-level domain for the non-hosted account. That can help you to get Adsense Approve in Website in Short Time and you get good revenue from her. If you start free with blogger you can earn with hosted Adsense account but this hosted account revenue is small.
   ➤Remove Other Ads Network: Before submitting your site for approval you need to remove other ads network website form your site if you add with your site. Otherwise, Google Adsense don’t approve your website or blog.
   ➤Check Traffic Source: Google doesn’t like any spamming. Don’t try to drive fake traffic on your site. Try to drive real traffic in your site. 
  ➤Improve Blog Design: If your site design is not good don’t approve your site. So you need to choose a well-designed template for your blog or website.

You can use another site if Google Adsense reject your site. I give here some site, you can use this in your site to earn money from your blog or website:
          ➤Media.Net: This site is like as Google Adsense. You can earn good money from this
           ➤Pop Ads: You can use this site to earn. So many sites owner uses this site ads to earn money from the blog. You can use this if you want.

🔀Conclusion: Here I want to try some things for How to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time. I think that’s enough to Get Adsense Approve in Website or Blog in Short Time. If you think I miss anything please comment here for help another person.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

How To Select Perfect Blog or Website Name For Rank Your Website or Blog

If you want to publish your idea or article in online and you cannot select perfect blog or website name for publishing this, Now you are in right place to get some idea about How To Select Perfect Blog or Website Name For Rank Your Website or Blog. If you can select a perfect blog name that can help to rank your blog or website. Here I give some idea for the select perfect website or blog name. If you follow this process you also can select the perfect website or blog name for publishing your article or any idea.

1. Select Your Blog’s Niche ⇒ First you need to select your niche that you want to publish an article in your blog or website.  Because your select name depends on your niche. If you don’t have any niche idea you can see a video on YouTube or get more idea from reading the article.

Then if you can’t select your niche you can go here to get a niche. Here everyone is a different niche.

Some of the most popular blog types include fashion, food, beauty, travel, photography, wedding, design, DIY, and fitness.

2. Look Competitor’s Blog Names ⇒ After selecting your blog niche now search this in Google or other search engine or you can see also Google keyword planer. See Competitors of the blog, if you can see Competitor high and search volume low, you don’t select this if you can see competitor low and search volume high this is the good niche for you and you can select this niche for your blog.

3. Choose Blog Name⇒ Now you need to choose your blog name to depend on your selected niche. Medium length name is good for the blog or website name. Don’t choice difficult type name for your blog or website. A choice simple name for your blog that can be easy to Pronunciation for the visitors.
You can also use blog name generator for Select Perfect Blog or Website Name. That can help you to get the idea for Select Perfect Blog or Website Name.

If you maintain this process, I hope you can easily select a perfect blog or website name that you want. There has so much another process in online to select perfect blog or website name, you can use anything that, you think this is perfect for you.  
Thank You

Friday, November 2, 2018

Latest Funny WiFi Name 2019 | Latest WiFi Name Collection 2019 | Clever WiFi Names 2019 |

Latest Funny WiFi Name 2019 : If you are looking latest funny WiFi name for 2019 you are in right place. In this article I  give here some Latest Funny WiFi Name and Latest WiFi Name Collection 2019. Now you can choose the Latest Funny WiFi Name or Latest WiFi Name from here.
Latest Funny WiFi Name 2019
  1. Virus Don't Connect
  2. Tell My WIFI I Love Her
  3. Forget Password
  4. Wait I am Coming
  5. Let’s Dance
  6. What The (....)
  7. No Free Wifi for you
  8. You Pay Now
  9. Need Pay For Connect
  10. Tube Light
  11. HOT-4-G-SPOT
  12. Black Lion
  13. I love You
  14. Virus Infected WiFi
  15. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  16. Will U Marry Me?
  17. Internet Protocol
  18. It Hurts When IP
  19. teenager’s room
  20. Traffic Sniffer
  21. Out Of Order Try Later
  22. Common Baby
  23. Bang Bang!
  24. Join My Network
  25. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  26. The Next Door Girl
  27. Talk Less, Work more
  28. Don’t even try it
  29. Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
  30. 404 Network Unavailable
  31. Connect I hack All Data
  32. Low Bandwidth
  33. High Bandwidth
  34. Tom @ Jerry 
  35. Mouse
  36. Feel Like Flying
  37. Butterfly
  38. WiFi is Connected
  39. Get Off My Lawn
  41. Go Home Tourists
  42. King Fisher
  43. Woodpecker
  44. Wireless@SG
  45. 99 problems but wifi aint one
  46. Very slow internet
  47. penny get your own wifi
  48. Sweet Adeline
  49. U R My Girlfriend?
  50. Love Me or Kill Me
Latest WiFi Name Collection 2019 :

  1. Chance the Router
  2. Dunder MiffLAN
  3. Area 51
  4. The Promised LAN
  5. IanTernet
  6. Printer Only
  7. Get Your Own
  8. Very Slow
  9. RIP Net Neutrality
  10. PorqueFi
  11. Rick Rolled
  12. Tell My Wifi Love Her
  13. Keep it on the Download
  14. The Wireless-G Spot
  15. Bill Clinternet
  16. My Days Chilling Out
  17. Access Denied
  18. Need Permission To Access
  19. Network Not Found

Monday, October 29, 2018

Why Use Strong Password Generator For Generate Strong Password And Safe Your Any Account

The password is very important for safe any type of account. Because a normal password, anyone can hack your account at any time. So, If you want a safe life in online you need a strong password generator for generating a strong password. A strong password can help to save you from so much carnage. With this strong password generator, you can generate strong power at any time.
Strong Password Generator For Generate Strong Password
Why need you Strong Password:
At this time almost all people are using the internet all over the world and they are constantly stored there work-related, personal and other important documents on the internet. But Every time hacker is alert for hack any account for any kind of documents, If they are a success to hack an account and they get any important file in here, they can blackmail you for this or they can sell this documents in dark site. If you give here strong password they can't hack your account. that's why you need a strong password generator to generate a strong password. 

How To Generate Strong Password:
So much strong password generator site are available on the internet for generating the strong password. You can generate the strong password in this site or you can generate a strong password in your hand. For generating password first choose one or two Capital letter then choose some small letter then choose some number than one or two symbols then as your wish that you want to put here for more strong your password. Here I give the Best Strong Password Generator Link. You can generate a password in here and increase your security. So improve your password right now with if you want safe on the internet.
Thank You

Saturday, October 27, 2018

How to Drive Traffic In Blog Free and Get Massive Traffic in Website

Everyone wants to Drive Traffic In Blog in Free or Get Massive Traffic in Website and want this article in google first page. But everyone can't get Drive Traffic In Blog in Free and can't get an article in google first page. I will give some tips to drive traffic in the blog free and give some tips to get massive traffic on the website if you properly follow this maybe you can rank your site in google first page.
***Very Important Note***: Don't Copy other person article but you can take the idea from another person article for drive traffic in your blog or website.

Tips to Drive Traffic in Blog Free and Get Massive Traffic in Website :

1. Take Proper Title.
2. Write a Proper meta description for your article.
3. Collect some good Tag For your article.
4. Write an SEO friendly good article without copied any one article for Drive Traffic In Blog Free
5. Collect Good picture for your article
6. Proper Setting In your Website
7. Create Social media account with this site name
8. Create some back-links.
9. Index your post in google/bing/yahoo 
10. Share your article in every social media site like as : 
         Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and other social media
11. Try to write the unique article, If you can write trending article for your blog or
         an article you can easily rank or drive traffic in your blog or website.

If you can follow this process I think you can easily rank your website or blog article and you can Drive Traffic in Blog Free and Get Massive Traffic in Website. I will describe all (1-11) tips in my article step by step. For get this follow my site.
If You Have Any Question Feel Free You Can Ask Me
Thank You